Mike Clark, Chicago-based writer, joke-teller, and former canine ambulation specialist (dog walker), found his love for both comedy and animal care at age two when his father won a stuffed dog for him, which Mike named "Dave" after a comedy routine by Cheech and Chong. Mike is perhaps most recognizable from his appearance in The Onion, where he played the part of a burrito-loving college student. Despite being typecast as a foodie, he mostly engages in pursuits other than eating.

One of Mike's non-food interests is video games, which he wrote about professionally for PlayboyG4@Syfygames, and Kill Screen. He served as Head Editor of DogTime.com and CatTime.com where he wrote and edited articles about dogs and cats, continuing his childhood passion for pets. 

Mike's other projects include two hilarious books. One is a satirical survival guide for the Donald Trump presidency called Trump's America: Buy This Book And Mexico Will Pay For It, which he wrote with the co-founder of The Onion, Scott Dikkers, and a team of comedians from The Second City. You can buy it on Amazon. Mike teamed up with Scott and friends again to write Welcome to the Future Which Is Mine, a funny look at a future ruled by Elon Musk and his evil league of billionaires, also available on Amazon and in audio format as read by comedian James Adomian. Mike also worked with Scott Dikkers for the online magazine Blaffo.

In the past, Mike spent a lot of time writing at The Second City Training Center, where he worked with a team of other writers and actors on a revue called A Twerk In Progress which had a five-week, sold-out run in September of 2013. The show was successfully revived for Chicago’s Sketchfest 2014, the largest sketch comedy festival in the world. 

When Mike isn’t writing or being funny, he is thinking of things he should write or ways he could be funny. He does so by exploring the great city of Chicago, which provides no shortage of inspiration. Mike enjoys visiting Lincoln Park Zoo, exploring the Art Institute of Chicago, visiting the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry, wandering through the many street festivals and conventions, eating good food, and attending animal shelter events. He also plays video games and is happy to have a discussion about the history of Nintendo or The Legend of Zelda franchise, both of which he has researched and studied thoroughly for reasons.

Take a look around using the links above. You will find Mike's published articles and newsletters under the "Professional" section, examples of his sketches, comedy, poetry, and prose under the "Creative" section, and some of his scholarly papers under the "Academic" section. Feel free to connect to Mike by email at jumpingbrooks@gmail.com, follow him on Twitter at Twitter.com/MikeClarKent, or find him on LinkedIn